Pick Programming Services

PPI Information Systems was founded as a leader in Pick Programming services. Focusing on B2B businesses, our clients range from a few hundred thousand a year in revenue to in excess of four hundred million. Some of the services we have provided to our customers have included:

  • Conversion of Pick ERP Solutions from one flavor of Pick to another
  • Changing out Operating Systems of a Pick Platform.
  • Integrating Pick solutions with other systems through their API
    • Credit Card processors
    • Shipping providers like UPS, Connectship, Fedex, Etc.
    • E-Commerce platforms
  • Custom Windows applications using Pick as the database
  • Scratch built a RAD platform that was the basis of an order processing, inventory and complete customer service solution that spawned two companies with revenues in excess of $300 million per year.
  • Multiple migration conversions from Pick to other ERP solutions and in some cases conversions back to Pick again when it was discovered Pick outperformed the other platforms.

PPI Information Systems is a proud VAR of Rocket Software. We are glad to provide all of their great products like Universe, UniData, wIntegrate and more. Since Rocket purchased the U2 family from IBM, they have continued to grow and expand the product line. Rocket keeps the products up to date to meet the security demands of the modern age and also is looking to the future by adding support for new languages like Python.

Contact us today with your needs no matter how big or how small. We firmly believe our experience will be of great benefit to you and your bottom line.